STRAIGHT8 2019 - There Can Only Be One (POST PRODUCTION)

Milo Valaska travels around London killing everyone who shares her name, to regain her uniqueness and the power that comes from it.

Created as part of the 2019 Straight8 competition. Competing as one of 150 shorts, each shot on one roll of 8mm film with a score created blindly (having not seen the footage).


Cherrelle Skeete as Milo Valaska

Shiloh Coke as Milo Valaska 2

Elizabeth West as Milo Valaska 3

Nick Finegan as Milo Valaska 2


Director / Writer / Designer Max r Lincoln

Cinematographer Felix Schmilinsky

Camera & Lighting Assistant Alberto Allica

Stylist Jade Rache

Makeup Artist Selina Rana