Two alien scientists create a 3D printed man with disastrous consequences. Inspired by Zardoz and Barbarella. 

Created as part of the 2014 48hr SCi-Fi Competition using the info given  (Details at bottom).


Bethan Cullinane

Kelby Keenan


Cinematographer: Ilana Garrard

Costume Designer: Kirsty Hanlon

Makeup/Hair Designer: Millie Hetherington-Wilkes

Location & Post Sound: Calum Bell

Editor: Antony Kidrič

Format: 7D


Team: Paradigm Deluge

Title: Through the Red Door

Dialogue: Yesterday was the exam. It was a practical, easy. But this?

Prop/Action: Object_We see a character shake a stone (or object) from their boot

Optional Theme: 3D printed human body parts are possible - muscle, veins, bone. They don't have to be 'conventional'